Comcast (aka comcrap) in SoMD sucks

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Published on: March 28, 2010

For the last 2 weeks I have had the most unstable internet connection, if it was not for the fact that comcrap had a monopoly here I would drop them so fast, but there is on other option, no fios, no other real high speed options, if fios ever comes to Indian Head MD I will be canceling comcrap so fast. I am a very dissatisfied costumer.

For anyone that reads this in MD I urge you if you have the choice go with any one (ANY ONE) else you will thank me when you have a stable connection.

List of bad connections

Wed Mar 17 6pm to 7pm no internet
Thu Mar 18 6:45pm to 8pm no internet
Sat Mar 20 6:08pm to 7:30pm no internet
mon Mar 22 8:38pm to 8:50pm no internet
sat Mar 27 5:00pm to 8:50pm unstable internet DCing every 5 minutes
sat Mar 27 8:30pm to 9:18pm no internet
sat Mar 27 9:18pm to 12am unstable internet DCing every 5 minutes
sat Mar 27 12am to who knows (I went to bed at this point) No internet

1 Comment
  1. ComCast Hater says:

    They earned their ComCrap name. I’m having major issues with them. They’re a bunch of crooks who don’t care about their customers. They know they have the monopoly on the market

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