What a way to end the day

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Published on: July 16, 2007

I go out to get some food today after the session ended for the day here. Well Huston have most things closing down at 7pm. I finally end up at a Subway (along with a bunch of other people from the convention, this turned out to be very varable as you shall see soon)
Well as I get up to the point to order my food some guy about 3 people back bangs the window (from the inside) and started to threaten to kill himself. Not some thing you want to deal with when you are tring to buy dinner after a long day. So taking a quick look at him (to get a bit of a discription), then after getting my meal rush out the door (as if I was leaving), called 911. the problem I ran into right then is, appently you get connected to a central service, and I had to 1st id the city, then if I wanted the police/ems/fire. Well I never dealt with something like this so I just said I don’t know some guy is threating to kill himself, I then got connected to the huston police. After I give all the info I had, and the call ended, I went back in to “eat” Well there were other people there from the convenstion, so 4 of us get the guy to site down and “eat” with us untill the athorities arived…. what a way to end the day.

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