At the synodical convension

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Published on: July 14, 2007

Well I am now here at the LCMS convension. One good thing that did happen was that my favorit talk radio show host was here, Todd Wilkins, and I did get to meet him in person, he does a readio show called Issues Etc (I usally listen late via the podcasts. I will post pictures of the convention when I get home, and I hope to see if I can get Pastor Wilkins to pose with me in a picture.

  1. SimDan says:

    Hey! Just heard you ask the question about extra-Biblical evidence other than Josephus on Issues Etc. Recognized your voice and then they said “Mike.”

    Hope things are going well for you down there!

  2. I am doing fine, I just logged on the net to do some stuff, and was hoping you would be on (the hotel charges $10 a day for netx access so I am not getting on very often)

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