1000 and 1000 and 1000’s of spam

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Published on: July 23, 2007

I just looked at the comments on my photo section, I have spent 2 hours so far deleteing all the 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of spam, I am not using the interface privited by the system I use, it is just slow, I am deleteing them straight from the database. I been thought 3 pages of 1000 entries at a time, and still have alot to go though. I am at the point I am just blind deleteing them, aka I am not even looking to see if there is a real comment. I have set the max langth of comments on my photo section to 0 so that should help prevent the spam. And it all is perverted stuff. Why do spammers think that a web site others put up is there place to put up their graffie? I hope if they ever put up one for them selfs, they get 100x the spam on their site as they produce. I hope the worse for them, I know that is wrong, but I loss so much of my time because they are such SOB’s. 3 hours today.

I also set the comment feild in the database of the photo section to be read only, so no comments should be accepted. The final count was 7K spam posts.

1 Comment
  1. Matt Bell says:

    Amen, Mike! Down with spammers. The appeal of sending rediculous volumes of email ads, many of them offensive in content, completely floors me. These things are so infuriating, that I can’t imagine anyone actually buying from a company known to produce these things. May all the spammers systems be shut down and their computers be infected with horrible viruses.

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