World of WarCraft

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Published on: December 4, 2006

I know I have not tried this game before, I did not like the idea of posable going around and people coming up and just killing you for no reason. But with a free 10 day free trial, what have I had to loss except a little bit of time. Well it turns out you can set your character up on a PvE server so people can not attack and kill you, the worst you can do is accept a duel, but you don’t die at the end of it, you are left with only one HP, so you can heal yourself afterwards, I don’t do duels but.
If you happen to be on the server of Korialstrasz, run across a Night Elf named Drun, say hi to me. As of today I am up to a level 19. I have spent more time then I should have on the game, and found I do like it, so I have upgraded to the full paid account.

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