Where is the simpsons Springfield

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Published on: November 14, 2006

I know the creators say they will not let people know what state the Simpsons live in, but I think we can get it down to a region. Well here is where I am coming from. To the best of my knowledge Principal Skinner has spent his life in Springfield (except for the time he was in Vietnam) and in the episode “Homer’s Paternity Coot” where Homer gets a 40 years old letter for his mother that states that she was having an affare with a life guard, Principal Skinner is talking on a Ham radio and he gives the call sign WA3QIZ as his call sign (a quick check of qrz does show that it belongs to a club, but that is unimportant in this case just a side note)
A quick check of the call districts in the US shows that there are 3 states and one district that has 3 in it. PA, MD, DE, and DC. We can remove DC from that list since DC is a city and not a state. So we have one of three states the Simpsons live in PA, MD, or DE.0

Yes I know this is a pointless post but I just thought it would be fun, I guess I should get a life, or a girlfriend.

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