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Published on: November 24, 2006

A year or two ago, my parents gave me a DVD “Creating The Lord of the Rings Symphony” In a tune labeled “The Shire” I hear a familiar sounding instrument, I look over at the screen (I am listening to it and not watching) and I see a Tin Whistle, I think to my self that can not be right, the Tin Whistle in a classical piece. So I watch as the guy fingers the instrument and try to copy it a bit, well, other then being about 3/4th of a beat off it sounded the same, the note the pitch, and the sound wow, after seeing that IF said Symphony ever comes to Pittsburgh I will want to go see it.

  1. SimDan says:

    Which Lord of the Rings Symphony was this? I know of two bodies of works that have been given that name. What was the composer?

    Also, just because a work sounds classical doesn’t exclude it from using any instrument. I know of one John Williams piece that originally had a short electric guitar solo. Oh, and then there’s some of the Final Fantasy stuff. 🙂

  2. The composer is Howard Shore.

    Also (you baited this I will take) I would say there are some situations where particular instruments should not be used. (ok I baited you lets see you respond, I know you know what I am talking about)

  3. SimDan says:

    Ah, Howard Shore. So that would be the symphony stitched together with music from the Lord of the Rings Movie soundtrack. The part that you refer to is quite beautiful. The other was an 1980’s composition for concert band by Johan De Meij and is quite fun. Neither Lord of the Rings Symphonies would really be considered “classical.”

    As for the use of instruments in orchestral/concert band works, I think you would be very surprised about the wide variety of instruments used through out the years and have been considered perfectly acceptable. Such things are fairly common in the last 100 years and are rarely frowned upon.

    Now, granted, the use of any instrument has to fit with the music it is being used in. But that goes for any instrument you use, not just the odd ones.

    Conversely, how would you view the use of cellos to play heavy metal?

  4. Does not look like you took my bait, think back to some of our IM debates on music in the church.

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