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Published on: October 19, 2006

I was listing to Rush Limbaugh’s today, yesterdays show via pod-cast. He was reading a post from some conservative blogger. The bloggers comment said that blogs were/are a major influence in the American political scene. Rush did not say this, but this is something I believe and I wish Rush had said it. What is this, most blogs (99.99%) are unimportant, this includes mine, it is nice to see what others think on both sides (or all side since blogs do show there are more then 2 sides now) But at the same time, a individual blog means almost nothing. I do like my blog, and will continue to blog, but I have always believed this, but who many people really read my blog, I am always amazed when I get a real comment on my blog, and that I a set of readers, I am both honored and humbled, that there are people out there that read my opine and think it worthy to respond to. Yes there are some good blogs out there worth of reading, but they are the extreme minority.

1 Comment
  1. Comments are good. I feel like, though, if I want comments on my blog I should go around to the other blogs (especially UAC) and leave some on those.

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