Last Nights South Park

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Published on: October 5, 2006

I loved last nights sought park, in fact the primes of the south park is the exact reason I HATE online games and don’t play them. You know there is always that one person with no life that plays all the time, and gets some strange sadistic pleasure of killing new players. I like playing networked games, but I rather play with friends because they might be at the same level of ability as you and that makes the game fun, or they might be better then you but for them it no fun to just be able to kill kill kill, they will teach you and try to bring you up to their level so that it is fun for them (and you). The problem is that on the online games you will run into the people that have no friends, and think it is great fun to hurt others (oh that might be why they have no friends.)

1 Comment
  1. I saw that episode as well and found it mildly entertaining. I used to be a very big WoW player and quit the early part of this year, there are much more entertaining things to me to spend my time on, ham radio and linux 😀

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