Sunday at the Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus Ohio

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Published on: September 27, 2006

I am going to be going to the Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus Ohio this weekend, which includes Sunday morning. I am hoping I can find some very important information (well to me) I would still like to make a church service this week, so if any one knows of a church in Columbus Ohio that meets the following criteria I would love to hear about it.

  • LCMS
  • Confessional
  • Liturgical
  • The Eucharist being offered this coming Sunday

Other things that would be a great plus for me (but are not needed, just preferred)

  • With in Walking distance from the Columbus Convention Center
  • Uses TLH
  • Uses the one year lectionary
  1. You ask a hard thing. There are no Columbus, OH, locations on the ELLC list.

    I do know that Zion Lutheran Church is hosting an LSB workshop on October 14, so that may be an indication that they are liturgical. It is close to downtown.

    I would also advise that you visit Schmidt’s for some of the best German cooking in Ohio. 🙂

  2. I know ELLC was my first hit, and since the Lutheran Liturgy List is down I can not ask on it ether.

    As to the Zion Lutheran Church option, I will admit I don’t like LSB, but still it is better then the many other bad options (read praise band or over heads) But as long as they are liturgical that is one of the options that I need down, now I just have to find out if they are confessional.

    I will have to keep that restraint in mind.

  3. Well I called that church today. I did not get all the answers to all the questions. I only got the church’s secretary, the pastor was out sick.
    Well it does seam they are liturgical they use TLH. I wish I could have asked a few theological questions to make sure they were confessional, but I hope that any church that uses TLH would more then likely be a confessional congregation.
    The sad thing is that they don’t have the Eucharist this week. So I am going to put them on the list as a good backup church incase I don’t find any other congregations.
    The sad thing is that I do have to call, the synod should all be confessional but sadly that is not the case.

  4. So what did you end up doing for Sunday morning?

  5. I walked down to Zion (it was a nice 40 minute walk) They seemed to be very nice. I wish they had Eucharist this week, but well at lest I still got the word.
    I probably will go back to that church next year when I return for Ohio Linux Fest 2007.
    Thanks Dan.

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