I got a new iPod today

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Published on: September 12, 2006

I had to take my old iPod 2Gb Nano down to the apple store because the buttons where not working. If you tried to use the click wheel it would not respond. If I pressed any of the other buttons they would not respond. The only thing that would work is if I pressed the Select and Menu buttons I could reboot it, but other then that the Select and Menu buttons would not work if pressed separately. Also if I put the hold button on then take it off the iPod would reboot.
I got the Nano back in March, so I took it back to see if they could fix it, I had tried to restore the thing before. So the tech down there looked at it tried a few things, then verified the date I got the iPod, then replaced it. It was a strange way for the iPod to fail. Oh well I got a new one so I can continue to listen to my podcasts at work.

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