Public Rebuke of Public Sin

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Published on: August 28, 2006

The LCMS recently put out a document called “Public Rebuke of Public Sin” in which they say that people in the synod should not publicly talk about it (chat rooms, email, message boards, and blogs). I wonder what the LCMS would say about a monk in Wittenberg, that is speaking against a public sin in the church, and posts up 95 points about it in a public place, oh I don’t lets say a church door.
I would say if there is public sin in the church (read Benke) and it sends the wrong message, then we need to deal with it, and if it is done publicly then it must be dealt with publicly.
I will admit not all situation will be the same, there could be some public sins that should be dealt with in private, but we can not just put a blanket statement out there saying you are not to talk about public sins publicly.

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