Ode to Joy

Categories: Irish Tin Whistle
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Published on: August 30, 2006

Some one asked me to do more posts on the Tin Whistle, so here. I have been playing around with playing Ode to Joy. I think I am doing well, but I am having problems with measure 10 and 11 with the 2 1/8 notes followed by a 1/4 note, and proceeded by a 1/4 note.. My fingers have a bit of a problem with it now, I just need to practice it more, the notes are A(1/4)-B(1/8)-C(1/8)-B(1/4). I do believe I am getting a bit better at 1/8 notes, but the dance my fingers have to do on the 10 & 11 measure of the tune is something I have to work at more.

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