I have noticed car drivers have been more agressive as of late

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Published on: July 18, 2006

Over the last few days, I have seen drivers of SUVs being more aggressive as of late, trying to run bicyclists (which I am one of) and bikers off the road. And I think I have figured it out, today I saw a few commercials for the hummer, and they are encouraging people to drive aggressively. One implied that if you don’t have a hummer you are not a real man, another implied that if a woman had one, others would not take advantage of them.
I think there might be a connection between hummer drivers thinking that they own the road, I have noticed a massive increase of drivers trying to run me off the road, usually it happens about once a day, it is now up to 3 or 4 times a day. I seems that these drivers forget that on a bike, or a bicycle are human.
For the longest time I believe what the people at critical mass were making a major mistake with their monthly protest, where they get a lot of people to bike around so many that they block the whole road. But after the last 2 weeks, but I am begin to wonder.
The why the SUV drivers are going, part of me hopes gas goes up to $6 or $7 just to make it impossible for these drivers afford to drive SUVs. I know it will make my food bill go up, but I would be willing to pay that if it gets those a**hole off the road.
Before I was not really hostile to drivers, but with so many drivers trying to run me off the road, it is hard to

  1. circle a says:

    you know, republicunts are the kinds of people that are buying these cars. something about stimulating the economy i guess… the commercials aren’t encouraging aggressive driving, they’re encouraging mindless spending. it’s people who think that money equals power that are the problem. as a cyclist i’ve been run off the road a few times and really i let it slide off my back. there are a few intersections where i’ll know where i usually nearly get hit and i’ll watch my ass there, but really, after reading this blog for awhile, you complain about tons of shit that you shouldn’t. bikers get shit on, that’s how it goes. if you get fed up, take a little u lock justice.

  2. a few thing, not just Republicans buy these cars, usually the people that try to run me off the road if they have bumper stickers, they are pro-dumbacrats (yes I can mangle a political parties name too)

    Also there are laws out there, we as bikers are protected by these laws, just because we are on bikes does not mean we have less rights on the roads as other vehicles, the laws (well at lest here in PA) All I am saying is that I wish the laws that were put in place at the state level (oh ya most of the state outside of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are Republicans)

    What I say is that we need to work on a campain to get people to realize that the laws gives us (cyclist) rights on the road.

    Also I will not do U Lock “justice” I try stay within the confines of the law. Also what will U Lock “justice” do, will it correct the problem, more likely if you get caught you will go to jail. If you ever attempt to break the law to get a point across for the greater good, first there must be some social redeeming principal behind it, chance of success, and it does not hurt another person or property. Your U Lock “justice” (if I understand you right) is only designed to break some ones property so there is no good reason to do it.

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