Got a new rear wheel cassette

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Published on: July 22, 2006

I went up to Bike Tec (the bike shop I always go to, they are good people and know what they are doing) because I was having trouble with the rear wheel cassette for my bike. When ever I switched into gear 7 on the back the chain would slip. When I went up saying I believed I needed a new one. The person that worked there first checked the chain because that could cause the problem, the the chain I had on was only 400 miles old and still in ok condition. He then looked at the cassette itself, and saw that some of the teeth on it were bent. He said he not sure if he has ever seen that before. So I got a new cassette, and since the common wisdom out there is to replace t he chain with the cassette I got a new chain to go with it. I got that last cassette last year, it is about 1400 to 1500 miles on it.
Also when I was up there I got a rack for the back of my bike, and 2 saddle bags to go with it. I pick the bags up because there are times when my messenger bag is not large enough. Usually I find it slightly smaller then I wish, and on Thursday this week I was taking a large amount of stuff with me to work and ended up putting another bag on my back since the messenger bag was filled to the max (well I did have a few things hanging out of it, it was that full).

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