My New Tin Whistle

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Published on: June 5, 2006

I finally got my new Tin Whistle in today. you can see a picture of it to the left. I put the old Tin Whistle next to it.

The new one is on the right side of the picture and the old one is on the left side of the picture.
The new Whistle is going to take some getting some use to, but it does sound smother then the older Whistle. I am going to hang my old Whistle on my wall for decoration.
The new Whistle is a Tony Dixon D Whistle. I am still working on getting good at the Tin Whistle, but I am getting better (well I think I am getting better)
There is still a group of people I would like to play with they meet up at The Irish Center of Pittsburgh the group is called Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann(I had to remove the accent marks to allow it to be printable) of Pittsburgh, and they do something called The Session, but first I have to learn some of the music that they play. Right now I am working off of sheet music, aka reading music as I play it.

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