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Published on: May 28, 2006

I site down to do a simple 3 minute task on my mac, and here it is 30 minutes in and still can not get it done because of all the rebooting I have to do. Right now I am just keeping the mac around for the iPods, but I am finding (I thought I would never say this) that even windows is more stable then OS X, I am on my 35th reboot of the mac tonight, coom on how hard is it to do a ftp session, and a web browser at the same time, heck even winblows can do it. I am this close to selling the eMac and putting all my photos on the Linux box, if I can find a good program for them, and putting the iPod on the windows box, or looking to see if I can do the iPod on the Linux box.
I thouhgt I would never see a system that was more unstable then windows, but I have found it, I don’t know what happend to Apple OS X was good but from an update they did a few months ago on OS X 10.3 it just dose not work, and if I try to get the latest update on the mac, it freezes just as the download starts, maybe I should blasted the OS, and put the original OS X 10.3 on and not update to the latest patch.

  1. MarkD says:

    sounds like you have bad hardware – check your RAM, that’s usually the first to go, and frequently displays itself as crashes and panics. I used on a crashy G5, and it found a bad SIMM.

  2. Well if you search the internet for eMac and freezing you will find alot about a bad video driver, and when I look in the logs, I see the same messages about the ATI card.

    Also that is what they are saing is wrong with my iBook (bad memory) if this is the case I will never get a mac again since they use bad memory chips if that is the first thing out of your mouth is that it is posably a bad simm, and they are claiming that is what wrong with the iBook. I have had 2 macs, and as of the last half year, been underwelmed with them.

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