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Published on: May 14, 2006

The church has such wonderfully music, in it rich collection of Hymns. And what I am finding great now, is that now that I am learning an instrument, after I get home from church, I can try my hand at some of the tunes from the service that same day. It is not that good, but it does help me remember the tune for the hymns we sang. Today in church the last hymn we sang was titled “When in our Music God is Glorified” and it was sung to the tune of “Sine Nomine” (This is the tune the music was set to. The Hymn in the Hymnal that is 463 is a different hymn, but the tune was the same)
It is nice to be able to come close to recreate the music I hear in the church.

1 Comment
  1. baridoolenu says:

    I just like music and I will like to be recieving some method and new style in music

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