The GPS for my bike has failed.

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Published on: April 14, 2006

For the last few years I had been using a gps on my bike to track my speed and distance traveled. But my gps is not working any more. I could not get it to get a signal lock on the satellite. I even tried putting it on a roof for an hour and a half, and it still could not get a lock. Also I had set the time to the time it was (12:52 p.m. at the time, with the date of Apl 14) I left it to site on the roof for an hour and a half, when I went back not only did it not get a lock on the satellite but it also said that the time was 3:30pm Apl 15. I read that as the gps unit is failing and could not be trusted anymore, I got my first clue a few days ago when it said I was traveling at a speed of 250MPH on my bike when I was stopped at a red light. So I went to get a cheap bike computer today at Bike Tech. I wanted the one that only had 5 functions but they did not have it and the next one up was only $4 more expensive but it has more functions then I needed, it has 9, I only wanted 2 functions, a Speed read out and a read out of the distance traveled. The bike computer was not that hard to set up, it only took about 5 minutes, the “hardest” part was setting the wheel size, but there was a page in the manual that had a list of common wheel sizes (my bike wheel size is listed as 700 x 40c, what ever that means) so I just had to enter the number that the manual said that translated into the bike computer.
Also since the bike computer also tracks the distance in hundredths of a mile instead of only tenths of miles, you will see the total miles biked this year will have the numbers down to the hundredths instead of only down to the tenth of a mile now.
Also I got about 9 miles in between church services. I hope to be able to get some more in tomorrow if it does not rain. According to the National Weather Service We have a chance of rain, but they are saying before 10 am, and church tomorrow is at 9:30am and 12pm those are the early services, the Easter Vigil is at 8pm so I should be free from about 1pm to 8pm, and if I give myself and hour to shower and eat some dinner that gives me about 6 hours for a bike ride. I should be able to get some biking in tomorrow, if the NWS is right about the time of the rain being before 10am, but we all know how hard prediction of the weather can be.

1 Comment
  1. KB3IBY says:

    Hope the weather cooperates, and you get a nice ride in. We’re doing the YRT from Connellsville to Ohio Pyle, and back ride this morning. I’ve gone the way of the smaller computer for my bike as well. The batteries seem to last forever, compared to the ones my GPS required.
    Have fun today, and Happy Easter!

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