Tonights Hockey game

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Published on: March 7, 2006

Oh man tonight’s game was bad, not the players, but the officials. I am not going to say if we had better officials that it would have changed the out come, but the officials we had were just bad. Come on it is known that if a stick hits another player in the FACE it is a high sticking, one of our guys was hit, he was spitting up blood, a log of it, there was a good size pool of it on the ice, and no call was made, COME THE F*** ON it was a bloody high stick. And there was the so call hocking on the Lightning player when there was no player around him, the guy took a F***ing dive, and if it was a truly hocking the guy would not have fallen forward and rolled. I don’t think the out come would have changed, but it just boils the blood when you see such horrible calls like that. And finally there was the time the Lighting player charge Flurry, the ref was so close to not calling it, I think he only called it because he knew that if he did not call it there might be major trouble from the fans. Heck when I was at the Ottawa game there was not any booing at the officials, but tonight there was so much of it, the official was just horrible.
But enough of the bad stuff, the pens did play a good 3rd period, they came back from at 4-1 deficit to tie the game, amazing just amazing.
In my record of not watching any shoot outs, since I reject them, I walked out just before the shot out, and when I was asked why I was leaving I told the person, “I reject the shoot out, it has no place in Hockey” then I left.
I don’t think I will have a voice tomorrow, between routing for the pens, and booing the stupid officials for their lack of calling, or calling fake penalties.
Finally as much as I hate to admit it, the Lighting’s 4th goal was really good, they really deserved that goal, it is one of those goals that you just look at and marvel at. They got Flurry to look to the left, and they got it to the right and just one timed it in, to Flurry’s right, very well played goal.
I also got the Pens first goal on my camra, I will upload the pictures tomorrow, and will point out that picture when I up load them.

Tonight’s Hockey Game

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Published on: March 7, 2006

Well I am going to be going to tonight’s hockey game. The Pens vs Tampa Bay looking at the numbers, I don’t think the Pens will win, but hay you never know, they could pull something out of thin air. So “HERE WE GO PENS”. I will post pictures after I get home from the game (or tomorrow morning, if I get home at 10 or later.)

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