Todays St Patrick’s Day Parade

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Published on: March 11, 2006

Well I got to help out with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade today. I also took my camera, and when there was a moment that I could snap pictures I did so, I got some pictures of people, that some in the Pittsburgh region might recognize. You can see the pictures here on my photo section of my website
It was a fun time, I also got to meet and shake hands with Rick Santrum again, that is 2 times in 3 months, I must be doing something right. I also got to meet and shake hands with Governor Rendal, and Mayor O’Connor, not my first choice in those offices (if you read my blog you probably already know that), but still a honor to meet and shake hands with them. We worked off of the .88 repeater for the time, I first was to tail one of the parade marshals that was in charge of the General Devision of the Parade, then after that I helped out with keeping track of what group was marching by so that the order of the people could be kept clear, I ran that info back to Jeff H. who then just radioed that on to the front of the pack.

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