The importance of the ADA

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Published on: March 17, 2006

Over at John Dvorak’s blog, there was a post about movie theaters wanting to put cell phone jammers in. I know it sounds wonderful, no one talking on the cell phone during a movie, no more cell phone ringing during the movie. But before we go for it, lets think of the down side. Medical emergencies, There are those that have illnesses that might have the problem of 911 being called at any moment, and it is my understanding that every second saved could make the difference between life and death. How about something that can affect a lot of people that are not even handicapped, heart attacks, and strokes, again every second saved could make the difference between life and death or partial recovery or full recovery. I got into a debate there about how this is a bad idea, and some guy there said, first that if some one could have those problem maybe they should not go to the movies, and how does the ADA cover 911 (or phone service as he put it)
Until today I never really thought the ADA was 100% needed, but after talking with some of those people there, I can see why it is needed, some people have such a microscopic view of the world that revolves around their selves that they can not even stop for a second to think about people that have different needs. Well they did convince me of one thing, and that is that the ADA is needed, mainly because of people like them.
I know we have lived with out cell phones for a long time, but I wonder how many people’s lives could have been saved by the use of a cell phone.

1 Comment
  1. Max says:

    I agree, I’m sick of governments and organizations forcing common sense onto people. Lets fix the economy by fining stupid people that lack common sense. Did you hear about the airlines letting cell phones on? Imagine instead of getting some sleep, listening to some jerk talk on the phone. What about all those ring tones! It’s bad enough being on the train with only ONE cell phone on, I can’t imagine having dozens of them on.

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