Pulled the bike out of storage.

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Published on: March 9, 2006

Well today I pulled my bike out of storage today. I went to get it at about 7am I was hoping to get to work by 7:30, but it took 45 minutes to fix the bike up so that it was ride able, the breaks needed to be adjusted, I had to put a new tube in the back tire. I had to also adjust the seat, and I still need to tighten the handle bars.
Despite all of that, it is great to have the bike back in service. Not bad to bring it out already (the third month of the year)
It is a good thing that I brought it out today, I need it ready for service on Saturday Morning.

  1. kb3iby says:

    Are you going to be working the bike, and HT at the parade this Saturday? I’m probably going to go to the parade. I thought about taking the bike down, as well as my HT just to listen in. If so, maybe I’ll see, or hear you on the air.
    Take care,

  2. I will be riding my bike down to the parade, I am working with the other hams in the parade, but not on the bike, I will have that locked up and secured. I would say just scan the repeaters you might hear us on the air for the parade, I don’t know what one we are using just yet, but I have an idea of what are the posable ones, so it should not be hard, I am working up near the Civic Arena, to begin with.

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