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Published on: March 10, 2006

I just thought I would put up a post for miscellaneous stuff now, so here goes.

What does that P. in my name stand for?
The P is for Patrick yes my full name is Michael Patrick O’Connor, how is that for a good Irish name for you.

What does the mpop stand for in my email address.
Well you probably should be able to guess the first 3 letters, if not all, but the first 3 letters are my initials and the forth stands for what I am, a Programmer, so it fully stands for “Michael Patrick O’Connor, Programmer”

Why mikeoconnor.net instead of mikeoconnor.com or michaeloconnor.com?
I figured that michaeloconnor.<*> would have been too long, heck mikeoconnor.<*> is a bit long I think. And when I went for mikeoconnor.com it was already taken so I just fell down to mikeoconnor.net, this has been OK, but there are those that when they try to email me they really want it to be .com and I have had some friends (non-computer friends) complain that I did not respond to an email they sent and when I work with them, I find that even though I stressed .net they still wrote .com, but it is still a rare case that there is some one out there that does not understand there are other things out there besides .com

So can I give you some history about me?
Well I was born some where in the state of New York, but we moved to the Great City of Pittsburgh when I was 3. When I was born I was deaf, and was so till I was about 3, when we moved to Pittsburgh the medical system here was able to fix the problem. The problem was very simple to the point were my mom has related to me a story about when the first doctor here took the first look in my ears he started to yell at here for child abuse since the problem was so obvious to him, and so easy to fix, but it turns out that the quack in NY said there was nothing wrong with me, and that I was just “a late bloomer”. The problem was I had, had massive ear infections from birth pushing out on the ear drums, and the answer to fix the problem was just simple ear tubes.

What are some of my hobbies?
Well I guess this means you probably don’t read my blog much but here they are: Ham Radio, Biking, Keeping Fish (I now have 6 tanks at home), Watching Hockey, Playing with Technology, Listening to Short Wave Radio, Messing around with Linux (but I guess this might fall under Playing with Technology).

When did I first start getting into computers?
Well I got my first computer when I was about 8, it was an IBM XT with and 8088 processor, it had 448Kb of Ram, and (get this) it had a 10Mb hard drive. At that time I played around with some programs I wrote in BASIS, then when I was about 13 or 14 I started to play around with C++, I never really got into object or pointers back then, but I did play a bit with C++ then. Then in collage, I majored in Computer Science. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What is your favorite Programming Language?
C/C++. I did do some Java here and there, but I hate Java, I did some Lisp in collage, now there is a nice language.

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