I am out of shape

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Published on: March 16, 2006

Today I biked up to Squall hill, then down to the Pittsburgh Irish Center for the CCE meeting, this is a group of people that meet to play music together (I don’t play, yet, I hope to be able to join them in playing in the future when I get OK with the Irish Tin Whistle) I was OK going to the place, but coming back (around 9:20pm) coming up Forward Av. I could only make it only 3/4 of the way up. I was whipped out when I got to the top of the hill, but when I got up the rest of the way I got back on and rode rest of the way home, even up Murry Av. I know tonight is going to be a really bad night with my legs.
OK maybe I should give some back info here, for the last year and a half I been having trouble with my legs, cramps and violent twitches of the legs at night, that causes them to kick very hard, I have a bit of a fear that one night I am going to wake up in major pain from a broken toe.
I am hoping that by the end of May that I can bike up Forward Av with out having to stop at all. I have in the past mastered the hill on Neville St. and the hill of Bates, and Forbes Av from Oakland to Squall Hill.

1 Comment
  1. Denny kb3iby says:

    Those first couple rides really let me know how much the winter layoff did for me. I am also out of bike riding shape, but with the better weather coming, I hope that changes for both of us.

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