Here it is almost 11 and I am just finishing up here

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Published on: March 18, 2006

Well this has been a bit of a long day. I have setup 4 Linux computers, one was to replace the churches older file server, the only one only had 1.6Gb of disk space, and we were down to the last 2Mb, the new one has 160Gb of disk space on the partition that is going to hold the churches files. The next computer is one that was placed up near the churches audio system, this way we can record the sermons from every Sunday and podcast them (I will post a link when I get the podcast server up and running). The next computer, is one for use when I am working on other computers, it will be nice that if I am working on a problem, I can look things about it up on the web, so this one is the “research” computer so I can research things about the computers if I am stumped on the when I am fixing a computer for the church. The last computer is one for the church’s library, so that when some one from the church is using the library they can look things up on the internet, and maybe type something up in a word processor (I do have to add printer support to the system)
When I started, I thought I would give “ubuntu” a try. Big mistake, it does not let you set a root password, and for the life of me I could not figure out what the root password was, so that killed that system for being the file server, and I did not want to deal with it, I knew Red Hat, so I went with FC4 for the systems. I know it for the most part so it was just easier to deal with then trying to force a new system to work the way I think it should work. I already know the steps I take to force Red Hat to work the way I want it to work, so it was less work to do that.
I been working since 9am on the churches computers today, and here it is 11pm, and I just have to move one last computer up to the new location to get all the stuff done, then I will head home to take a nice (earned) rest (sleep sounds great at this moment to me 😉 )
Well it has been a busy day for me, so by for now, and look her tomorrow for information about the podcast that my church will be doing, I will be setting that up tomorrow.

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