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Published on: February 3, 2006

I have been taged by Small But Disorganized so I guess I should anser it

[b]Four Jobs I’ve Had[/b]

1. Computer Programmer (CMU and current)
2. Computer Operator (CMU)
3. Undergrad Teaching Assistance (at Pitt)
4. Software installer (for my old high school, well it was installing Windows 95 on some computers so not really Software per say)

[b]Four Movies I Watch Over and Over Again[/b]

1. The Lord of the Rings
2. The Passion of the Christ
3. Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy
4. Tron

[b]Four Places I’ve Lived (only 3)[/b]

1. Hunting Ridge (just outside of Bridgeville), PA
2. Oakland section of Pittsburgh, PA
3. Shady Side section of Pittsburgh, PA
4. (that is a compleate list)

[b]Four TV Shows I Watch[/b]

1. Simpsons
2. South Park
3. O’Reilly Factor
4. FuterRama

[b]Four Places I’ve Vacationed (I got to travel when I was younger)[/b]

1. Townsville, Austrilia
2. London
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. The Red Center of Austrilia

[b]Four Websites I visit daily[/b]

1. http://www.unspace.net/
2. http://www.dvorak.org/blog/
3. http://www.pghbloggers.org
4. http://powerballplace.blogspot.com/

[b]Four of My Favorite Foods[/b]

1. Manicotti
2. Cheese Burger
3. Taco
4. Lasagna

[b]Four Places I’d like to be right now[/b]

1. A nice long bike trail
2. Diving
3. Townsville (see above)
4. Well I would like to visit my sister in Modling Austria

[b]Four Folks Now Tagged With This Meme[/b]

1. Rob at unspace
2. PowerBall
3. SimDan
4. Russell Lucas

  1. Rob says:

    You have trackbacks disabled, right? I’ve got my response up.

  2. Yes TB are killed due to spam. cool thank.

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