Post game maddness

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Published on: February 5, 2006

Well after the game I went with some friends down to Pitt. It was good at first, but after we where there for a bit, some of the students flipped a car over. I did get some pictures of it, I will post the pictures later. But when the police left the care, they are standing around the car protecting it for a bit, and the students there surged at the car me and my friends were being pushed at the car, but we did not want to be part of that, so we backed off, then we regrouped on the lawn of the Pitt Student Union, and decided to head home since we did not want to be part of it at all, as we were leaving the Pittsburgh Swat team showed up. I am glad we decided to 1) not be a part of the stupidity, and 2) that we left when we did. I don’t understand why people would do something like that, yes it is great that the Steelers won the Super Bowl, but to destroy someone’s car is just not right, I would hate to be the owner of the car.

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