Irish Lutherans

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Published on: February 16, 2006

On a lark I decided to start up a new yahoo group. I call it Irish Lutherans. I know of one other Irish Lutheran, but I wonder how many people out there have Irish ancestry and are Lutheran, not a common combo to my knolage. The group is at I have not really set down any group plan my idea is for any one that has Irish ancestry and is a Lutheran can join and talk about what ever.
I hope that there will be some talk about Celtic Music, I have found that I do like Celtic Music.
Maybe since it is a Lutheran group, we could get some talk about Lutheran Thelogy going too. I still have not picked a logo for the group, I am thinking of doing some kind of cross between the Luther Seal, and an Celtic Cross.
Yes I know that the 2 limits I have put on the list, will make it smaller, but I am sure for those of you that fall into those groups, will be glad to have it small like that and people in that group set.

Welcome , today is Saturday, July 13, 2024