I have set it up, to have the comments disabled after 90 days

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Published on: February 6, 2006

Well I asked my friend before if there would be a problem if I set up auto disabled comments after a set amount of time. Well I been getting so much spam today, and my friends said it was not a problem to have auto disabled after some a set of time. So I have set all posts before Jan 5, 2006 to have comments disabled, and set all posts after that date to auto expire comments after 90 days from now, and that will be the default amount of time I will use normally in the future. I hope this will cut down on some of the spam I get on my blog.

  1. Jim says:

    I noticed an increase in spam for a while after I enabled Akismet on my site. But over the last week, I’ve only had to clear two or three spam comments a day from the queue. It seems that Akismet really does learn how to filter out the rifraff without preventing my regular readers from commenting. It’s just taken a couple of weeks for it to ‘learn’.

  2. My problem is that no one is writing these plugins for the blog system I am using, and I don’t feel like changing at this time. It is working well.

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