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Published on: February 8, 2006

For those of you that know about it There is a podcast called pghcast that covers topics of interst for the Pittsburgh regions. Well on Monday they did a show on the Super Bowl win (well no shocker there) but they said that they would cover the Pens next week. So I thought I would send in my thoughts on the Pens, note in the show they said they were also at the Thursday Feb 2, 2006 game. I wonder what they will do, will the talk about the rant I went on about the slots? Will they ignore my comment in the show, or what. I am thinking that since I am one of the hyper few that are against the slots in the Pittsburgh region, that maybe they will have a good laugh at my comments and pass by it, but oh well, see my email to them below.

I was also at that Game last Thursday, and all I can say was ouch!! But
I did get some good pictures check out
I also got pics
of the points that the Pens made. Also I was on Bigolow also with that
car, pritty funny, but after the police left and every one surge at the
car, I retreated I really did not want to be part of it, but here are
some pictures from that night

Also comments on keeping the Pens in the ‘burgh. I am all for that heck
I have no problem with a new arena for them, but I have a MAJOR problem
with them getting slot revenue, I know I will sound odd here, but I
have a MAJOR problem with gambling and I believe that no good will come
of it. I love the Pens but I refuse to do business with any company
(and a sports team is a form of a company) that is supported by the
slots, it will be hard but I would be force (for moral reasons) to pick
a new team, or forced to stop watching hockey, I HATE many of the new
rules anyways, this shoot out stupidity has no place in hockey, of all
the games I watched this year I have not watched a shoot out, I have
turned off the TV at those points (I have the NHL center ice on my cable
so I get plenty of games), and if I am ever at a game with one I will
walk out before the shot out.

But back to the game on Thursday, I was so happy I love hockey fights,
and we got some good ones, the last one was great. Lets hope the Pens
do better next year.

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