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Date : February 2, 2006

Pens vs Senators

Categories: Hockey
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Published on: February 2, 2006

OUCH!!! First that is what I have to say about the game OUCH!!!!! I was at the game tonight, you can see the pictures I took tonight here. The Pens start out strong and end the first period 2 to 0. In the second Ottawa gets a penalty, and is short handed, this is where[…]

Solution to the Virtual Class Inheritance cast

Categories: Technology
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Published on: February 2, 2006

In my last post, I talked about using Virtual Class Inheritance, and was thinking about how to cast it. well I have come up with from books and talking with others to try this: [code] // See http://blog.mikeoconnor.net/?postid=874 // for the class defs grandchild* Base2grandchild(Base *ptr) { grandchild *toBeReturned; try { toBeReturned = dynamic_cast(ptr); return[…]

Virtual Class Inheritance

Categories: Technology
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Published on: February 2, 2006

I am going to post some evil now, I will cover more on it later. But a program I am working on has gotten to a point to where I ended up needing to do something like [code] class Base { public: int value }; class child1 : public Base { }; class child2 :[…]

Stupid item of the day

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Published on: February 2, 2006

The BBC is running an article about an idiot who is suing Apple computers over the dangers of the iPod. He claims there are not adequate warnings on the device about the dangers of hearing loss on it. I guess if he wins we will see yet another stupid warning label, maybe it should read[…]

The Open Pitt

Categories: WPLUG
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Published on: February 2, 2006

I was holding off on talking about this one, I wanted to make sure it got published first, but for wplug‘s news letter The Open Pitt I have started a small monthy artical, called “Links of the Month” The link I gave above is from the Jan issue of the Open Pitt, I have another[…]

Cindy Sheehan at the State of the Union Address

Categories: News, Politics
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Published on: February 2, 2006

As most people probably have heard that Cindy Sheehan was arrested yesterday for a T-Shirt she unveiled just before before The State of the Union Address from President Bush. There are a range of opinions of this on both sides, I will list 5 blogs (blog sites not news sites, this will give you an[…]

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