The “Plan B” pill, what is it, and the morality of it.

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Published on: January 30, 2006

OK before I really get into it, lets cover some basic stuff. What is an abortificient, well an abortificient is a chemical pill that causes a already fertilized egg to be expelled from a woman’s body, killing a newly formed human, an example of this is RU-486. Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) are pills that prevent the woman from ovulating, so no human is kill since the egg is never released the sperm and egg never join, hence no human and no life.
Now further the “Plan B” pill what is the big deal right now, well there are some Pharmacists that have refused to fill it since they believe it to be an abortifacient (see Powerballs post on some Target pharmacist have been fired for not wanting to fill said prescription) So were these pharmacists fired for nothing (see Rob over at unspace). Well reading both PowerBall and UnSpace I thought I would take a further look into what “Plan B” really is and is not. So I went to the site of the people that make it to see what they said (see DuraMed’s web site) Well what they say is that basically it prevents ovulation, but if the egg is already out and fertilized “it will not work if you are already pregnant.”
So is “Plan B” an abortificient, such as RU-486? I have to say no it is not an abortificient. So is there murder involved with taking “Plan B”? No, if there is no fertilization there is no human, hence no murder. Is “Plan B” wrong? I don’t know, I went to the LCMS’s web site to see what the official statement was But they did not really give an anser one way or the other. What ever answer you come up for the “Plan B” pill must also be applied to all Birth control pills.
I have heard statements from both sides and I am not sure (see PowerBall’s site for a view against Birth Control Pill’s) So finally on “Plan B” I am undecided, but as for the infamous RU-486, RU-486 is wrong, it is murder since it is designed to terminated a fertilized egg, aka a human.
OK so now that I covered RU-486 a bit what does it do, how dose it work. It blocks the body from producing progesterone which is an important hormone needed during a pregnancy, with out this hormone the pregnancy will fail, and a living human will be killed, an abortion.
Well I guess finally my anser to the “Plan B” pill is it ok to use? I am forced to say I don’t know

  1. Max says:

    It’s confusing to be sure, but the DuraMed’s site says “prevent” not “terminate”. Terminate would imply … termination (go fig). Prevent seems more like a condom to me than the so-called abortion pill. Either way, read my previous posts on why pharmacists that refuse to do their jobs should be fired and held legally liable if any problems occur due to their ineptitude. My feeling is that if it’s legal in the country you’re in and the corporation you’re working at sells the product, then you are required to sell it even if your personal opinions/beliefs/faith go against it. It’s a part of your job and as a pharmacist, you’re more responsible for peoples well-being than a cashier. I can understand that people don’t want to do it and if there’s a way to delegate responsibility, then they should do so, but they should keep their patients/customers wishes as their priority. If they have a problem with it, they should quit and find a more suitable company to work for or career to have. After all, this is a supposedly free country and nobody is forcing them to work at a job they hate… right?

  2. Part of the problem is that some states are trying to force compaines to carry them too. Aka lets say you are a small drug store and you don’t belive in abortion so you don’t want to carry RU-486, some states will say you have to.

  3. Max says:

    that I agree with you on, states should not force companies to do anything, but then you can infer that they can’t complain about Google trying to grab market share by obeying local sensorship laws in China.

  4. You are right, if Google wishes to give in to China, then Google has that right to. I don’t think it is wise of them to do that, but hay it is their company.

  5. Max says:

    I agree, they are complete idiots and should deny themselves the market of over one billion potential customers. That would be the non-communist pro-capitalist thing to do. =]

  6. The Pill does, indeed, occasionally cause an embryo to be expelled. It works in three ways:

    1. It works to suppress ovulation (thereby breaking something that was working fine).

    2. It works to cause the body to create a bit of a barrier against sperm reaching the egg that might accidentally be ovulated (like the mucus plug that a woman’s body naturally creates).

    3. It changes the lining of the uterus so that, in the event that one and two do not work, it is inhospitible for the embryo, and the embryo (new human life) is caused to be expelled from the mother’s body. (Again, breaking something that was working just the way God intended.)

    I was not aware of this third step (or even the second) when I choose to take the Pill years ago, but when I found out, I immediately stopped taking it.

  7. Christine, could you point me to an article that talks about the 3rd point, if you are right about point 3 then I will be forced to agree with your final conclusion. I am willing to look at any evidence you can provide to me. I wish to post as accurate and truthful stuff as I can.

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