The claim that we will have people come in from out of state to play at our Casinos

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Published on: January 7, 2006

They claim that the reason we need to have casinos in Pittsburgh is to stop the out flow of money from the region, and we will have an inflow from people comming in from out of state. I don’t think so. The people in West Virgina will not come to Pittsburgh to gamble when they can do it in their home state. Also people from Ohio will not come to Pittsburgh, they will go to Wheeling WV where they have the Wheeling downs casino, and Wheeling WV is west of Pittsburgh so Wheeling is closer to the people in Ohio. The people in New York is not travel a whole day to gamble. So we will not have outside money comming in to Pittsburgh, all we will do is ruin lives in the ‘burgh.
Sorry Pittsburgh will not be something special for gameing it will only have slots, and for gameing, the “places” to go are Las Vegas and the Jersey Shore, sorry to be burst some peoples bubble but that is the way it is, slots will not save the city, infact I am sure it will excelerate the death of the city.

  1. Josh says:

    Even the Jersey Shore is overrated. I was there a couple of years ago and talk to people from those areas and they claim it gets worse and worse each year. And its only popular there during the Spring and Summer.

    The question is, what practical solutions are there to saving this City, if any? Practical meaning actually having a chance of happening. I can’t foresee any.

  2. I don’t know what a good solution would be. But I can say maybe if people did the following it might help. If they know some one that is graduating from collage soon try to convince them to move to the ‘burgh. I have a friend that another friend of mine introduced me to. His name is Dan, and he is in his last year in collage, I have made to following offer to him, if he wants to move to Pittsburgh (well I say When he moves to Pittsburgh) I will let him stay at my place for free till he gets a job. If more people were willing to do that that could help. I do not make that kind of offer to many people (well only one) and I will limit it to who I would offer it to, but I am willing to do it for a few select people, that are not from the ‘burgh.

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