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Published on: January 11, 2006

Ok I finally did get a account (it took me long enouph to get one, how many years am I behind on this one?) I have a friend Patrick Wagstrom that really likes it, in a way (I don’t know if he even knows) conviced me to get one. But I am abusing it. I moved all my links from 4 of my computers to it (I still have one computer to go) and taged them.
Here where the abuse comes in. I got a program called foxylicious that syncs firefox’s bookmarks to Backup my bookmark files, and replaced the bookmarks on all my computers with the bookmarks (which has all of the bookmarks from all the computers minus the older bookmarks from sites that don’t exist anymore, also for Mac Safari users check out for delicious2safari that works in almost the same way) then I added the buttons (in Mozilla that are the Mozilla plugins) so that I can Tag a web page with a click of a button. I also have a tag “Toolbar” that when Mozilla/Firefox syncs becomes their “Personal Toolbar” So now no matter what computer I am on I will have the same bookmarks, and if I make a new one it will propogate out to all my systems.
You can see my bookmarks under my username of mpop. I will soon replace my “Links page” with eather a link to that page, or use the Java Script that will get them all, and put that up.
I would guess this is not the original thought that the creaters of had, but it is the way I am going to use it.

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