Jessica’s Law in Pennsylvania

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Published on: January 16, 2006

With all the coverage on Vermont and the 60 days that the pervert got after raping a little girl for 4 years. I looked to see if Pennsylvania has Jessica’s Law. I looked over Bill O’Reilly’s Web site to see what PA looked like. I lists PA as “headed in the right direction. So I looked into what that means. Well I found that we have in the PA senate that would establish a Jessica’s Law in PA. I have used Bill O’Reilly’s web form to send off a email to Governor Ed Rendell to state I would like to see the legislation become law in Pennsylvania.
I would encourage every one to write to our Governor to ask that we get a copy of Jessica’s Law here in Pennsylvania.

  1. Max says:

    WARNING: Graphic and blunt stuff ahead. Well, bad justice system aside, my views on sex offenders are interesting. You listening Rob? Don’t put this into your “series” or I might get arrested! If a person is convicted of a sex crime, they should go to jail. As far as how long, etc, that’s up to the flawed justice system. However, once they get out, they should be set free. Apparently previous sex crime offenders are more dangerous than previous murdurers or rapists. How come they get out of jail without a GPS while these people get one? What about Roman Polanski. Officially, he’s a sex crime offender. Nevermind that the girl he “raped” is now his wife for all this time. It’s complete bull. I read a month ago that a 15 year old had consentual sex with two 17 year olds and told someone who eventually told the cops. Those two were arrested and convicted of being sex crime offenders and they have to register (the girl still says it was all consentual). Also, I thought we had a “served your time” idea in this country. If they have to register and, worse yet, have their pictures and addresses, etc, posted on public websites, they’re still paying for that crime – they’re better off in jail! This is even worse than having a record of a con not being able to get a job (unless you’re a politician). Minimum of 25 years for molesting a child? We consider 17 year olds to be children, so if an 18-year old has a 2 month difference in age with a 17 year old, he’ll get 25 years in prison for having sex? What a productive citizen this person will become when they leave at 42!!! WTF? Also, two more things. 1) average age of people losing virginity in this country is 12-13, meaning everyone was “molested” at one time or another. I’d say set the limit at around 10 years old. Having sex with a 12 year old (when you’re 13) should not be a sex crime – having sex with a 12 year old when you’re 24 should be. (so set some sort of an age range for these things).

    2) A cop in Taunton, MA molested a 7-year old girl and not only did he not get convicted, he still gets his pension! (see link: wtf?? I love the justice system. Guilty unless you’re one of the good ole boys.

    Set some standards, is murder better or worse than a sex crime. What exactly is a sex crime? Is fondling a young girl’s breast worse than raping a college woman? See what I mean?

  2. Well Jessica’s law only covers under 13 Max, so in your examples Jessica’s law would not apply. On your second point, you are right that person should have had the book shoved up his ***.

  3. Max says:

    which is why I’m saying that 13 is too old, it should be younger and have clauses about age differences (12+12 = ok, 12+24 = not ok, etc).

  4. Come on Max 12 years old having sex?? you don’t belive that is good do you? Heck I say even 16 is to young to be having sex, but 12, that is still a child.

  5. Max says:

    good has nothing to do with cold hard facts, on average, 12 and 13 year olds is the age when both men and women (actually, boys and girls), lose virginity. Has nothing to do with right or wrong, it’s just fact.

  6. Shenanigans says:

    cmon now the average age losing virginity is 12-13. I’ve heard countless times its more like 16-18.

  7. Blackbeard269 says:

    You know what why the **** do we put people in office and they sit back and collect they pay (ARE TAX MONEY) and do nothing that we asked of them. we should not even be talking about this it should have been in law years ago. Do these law makers not have kids. Or i take it are law makers just don,t care about us the people who pay there bills. If we needed take get something done we need to write up an amedment from the people to the law makers to put it into law. Until somthing like that happens they will sit back and collect there pay (ARE TAX MONEY)

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