Is the so called “New Media” really this important?

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Published on: January 12, 2006

The Free Republic is running an article with the main thrust is “Talk radio, cable news, and the blogosphere freed U.S. political discourse. The Left wants to rein it in again.” First I have to ask is the so called “New Media” really that powerful? Also I doubt that Blogs, Rush, or O’Reilly really a Media of sources they are Commander on the News for the most part. Also most people will not read or listen or watch something that they for the most part don’t agree with. I will admit I read some Blogs on the left so I know what they are thinking.
Also with blogs (I don’t know about Rush and O’Reilly) the FEC has said that blogs are not covered by the 2002 McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act, so we bloggers don’t have to worry about the feds coming after us if we post a political statement on our blogs. Also I would guess with Rush and O’Reilly that the FEC would have the brains to realize that since they say basically the same thing all the time to tell them to get off the air during an election year would be just stupid, and the public uprising would be just hoard. Also the back lash against the Democrats would be just bad.
I believe that this article is just the unfounded fear of one guy that posted to The Free Republic. I am sure there are those on the extreme left, and I would also bet they don’t represent the “mainstream of the left”, that would want to ban conservative talk-shows and blogs but I am sure that any 1/2 intelligent person Conservative or Liberal would not in their right mind really try to limit talk-shows and/or blogs. Here is why I say this, right now talk-shows and blogs are believed (I am not sure on this either) to be conservative, but what if the public conception of it was to change and people believe that the liberals were taking over talk-shows and blogs then if they were restricted during election years, then it would have to be applied to them.
Also if they were to regulate blogs and talk-shows, this would be a gross violation of the first amendment, and I am sure there would be all kinds of groups suing over it. I would bet you would even see the AFA (the American Family Association a very Conservative Christian group) and the ALCU on the same side of an issue, of course I would be afraid of that since it is probably a sign of the apocalypse 😉

  1. Max says:

    Yeah, limiting freedom of speech is definitely bad. Though you must realize that it does come with consequences such as dissent and controvercial views. If you’re going to let freedom of speech ring true, the bigots must have their say as well. As far politics and the finance act, I really don’t know what’s so bad about this idea: have all paper, web, and television media (mainstream channels, not independants) allow each candidate free regulated time. I’m just getting sick of all the money, I bet the 2008 election will top one billion dollars for sure, most of that going into the media. I honestly think that money would be better spent by buying peoples votes. Thats around $3.50 for every man, woman, and child in this country. =]

  2. We don’t have to pay children they don’t vote 😉 sorry I am just being bad here.

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