Humor in the State of the Union address

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Published on: January 31, 2006

I am not going to give a review of it, most people probably decided if they were going to like it or not before it (and I bet it was along party lines too), and I am sure by noon tomorrow we all will be sick of the reviews of it(news, blogs, and the political pundents)!
But there was one moment where the camera (NBC) panned to Senator Clinton, she was giving this kind of “I am smiling, but I don’t want to” smile. When they jumped to Bush he winked, and it looked like he winked at Senator Clinton. I wonder is it possible that Formal President Clinton is not the last president to cheat on his wife. Gee Bush, Senator Clinton?
Sorry bad joke.
The sad thing about polotics now is people don’t find any humor anymore, so here is some, enjoy.

1 Comment
  1. Rob says:

    They say that the elder Bush has become great friends with Bill Clinton, and treats him like another son. Perhaps Clinton has rubbed off on the current President…or perhaps Lyin’ Willie fits right in.

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