Finally filled up 3/4 of my iPod

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Published on: January 3, 2006

It been a bit over 2 years since I got my iPod. It is a 40Gb 3g iPod, and I got it for Christmas of 2003 from my parents. It is one of the devices I use every day, and I am glad I have it every day, it is one of the best presents I have gotten in the last decades from my parents (but that is not really fair to them since since it is so great, very few things the can get me now will top it) But I just saw today that I have filled it up to 3/4 of the space on it. For almost a year and a half it was only half full, but then I started to get Podcasts downloaded to it, and now I have used up 10Gb of the space in the last 6 months, I might start having to limit the amount of the podcasts that are being uploaded to the iPod if I start to run out of room.

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