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Published on: December 16, 2005

Ok I saw a post on Free Republic that was reprinting an article from Jews for Life (I am assuming it is a Pro-Life Jewish group) That was titled “Christmas Desecrations: Anti-Christian Bigotry Reaches New Lows”. In that article it talked about a group called Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation There was another article on Free Republic that was written by Rabbi Aryeh Spero That was taking to task the liberal attacks on Christmas via Satire.
My question is are we Christians so oppressed now that we need defenders that are not members of our group. I am not bad mouthing these groups, I welcome them to defending us, but I just asked have things gotten that bad? I hope it is not that bad. The thing is that still the majority of the country still claims to be Christian, it should be the Christians taking a stand against anti-sintism, we should be able to be defending our self’s.
This story gets odder as I read more on it. World Net Daily ran a story on them. Some of the more interesting stuff is from Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation They talk about how both Christians and Jewish people share the same moral Law (read the 10 commandments) — “the morality of Christianity is also the morality of Judaism – hence the expression Judeo-Christian ethic.” One quote from their site that struck me as both funny and odd was

Feder says about a year ago he decided there should be a distinctly Jewish organization dealing with anti-Christian prejudice, which he considers a “political pogrom.”

“If a Jewish organization complains about these things,” he explained, “no one can accuse us of self-interest, because we’re not Christians; we’re Jews.”

That is from the World Net Daily page, but if I read that right, we can not have Christians on the board if we are to defend Christians, Odd, funny, and probably very very true.
One of the funnier quotes from there site is as follows “In other words, the 265th pontiff believes in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Stop the presses!” that is in response to the attacks some in the media were doing when the new pope for the Roman Catholic Church was written

  1. Max says:

    Christ was a jew and all christians or christian-lite spin-offs are jews by default, you’re all part of the same group =]

  2. Yes max I do know that Jesus was a Jewish carpenter. (This that follows are Christian Creeds) and he was the promised Messiah. If one was to read the Book of Acts in the New Testament one of the major debates was, should the Gentiles (non-Jews) be circumcised (sp?) when they become Christianity. Same Group I don’t know, maybe maybe not, talk to a Jewish Rabbi to see their thoughts on that. But I will admit many of the beliefs that Christians have are handed down via the Jewish Tradition from the Old Testament.

    But what got me, was that Jewish people do not calibrate Christmas, that is a Christian Holy day (The celebrations of Christ, OK I know we can debate when Christ was born, many scholars believe it was in the spring — but that is a whole nother subject lets not deal with that here) So what got me, was the Jewish Group protesting the removal of Christmas from the public square. Now the question is, is the removal of Christmas from the public square an attack on Christians as this group is talking about, and if it is, is it at the point were it is full blown bigotry as this group talks about (“It has been correctly observed that, for the elite, anti-Christian animus is the last acceptable form of prejudice.”). I will admit sometimes it fells like it, but since I am a Christian am I being overly sensitive to it, or am I ignoring a real problem, or more likely we are somewhere in between the 2 extremes, where I don’t know. I will admit if it is a bigotry, I do welcome some defenders of us that are outside of us.

    I do hope that they are wrong and that there is no bigotry against Christians, i fear they are right. But most likely the answer is probably in the middle of those 2 extremes too.

  3. Max says:

    Oh how annoying, browser crashed and closed my reply. Well, I said that I went to the site and read the article. I love that Fox News statistic that 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas, implying that 95% of Americans are Christians. I remember reading a statistic that said 95% of Americans are religious (as opposed to atheists/agnostics). That sounds more reasonable. Still, if a group of people is offended by two words and want others to say other two words, it seems funny to me. Boycotting the stores is a great idea too, bring down the economy, w00h00. Make the stores drop every single holiday because it’s just too controvercial and make them say ‘F&&k you’, since there are few movements to ban profanity compared to ‘Happy Holidays’ now a days. Gory violence is fine, just don’t show any t%ts on TV. Also, whatever happened to “it’s the thought that counts” – take it as you want it. When people tell me “Merry Christmas”, I tell them “Happy Holidays” in return, it’s all good. Sorry I got on that word rant. Back to Jews helping Christians… I say, why not? I would love to have all religions come together and unify, since all religious fanatics, er, zealots, er, fundamentalists, say that we’re all infidels, one way or another. Can’t they, like corporations, merge together? (they’re certainly as rich as them) Become one voice, one message, one… brand… I can totally see it now, Jesus on the cross, wearing the star of David that preaches to be good to each other and pray 5 times a day towards where he was born. That’ll take care of most of the world. Can’t we just agree to be a little nicer to each other? What’s wrong with that? It would be a happy holiday indeed.

  4. Max, the religions can not be unified. There are some fundamental differences between Judaism, Muslim, and Christianity. The important difference that Christians have, is the incarnation, that is God, God himself came to earth took on the form of man, then willing went to the cross to die for our sins. Here what that comes out to be, instead of use having to go up to God, God steps down to us. Also we are not saved by obeying the law, but we are saved because Christ obeyed the law then payed the price for our sin.
    Also if you want to have religions pray x number of times, why only 5? Christian have 7 prays during the day that there is a liturgy for and they are

  5. Prime
  6. Matins
  7. Terce
  8. Sext
  9. None
  10. Vespers
  11. Compline

  12. Yes I have a pray book that have them all in it, and also has an section that has modifications for Matins and Vespers for every week of the year, and all the major and minor festivals. Also for directional, one could say that a Christian should pray facing east, because when Christ returns he will be comming out of the east.
    But back to the original thing, the religions can not be one, because there are major difference in the messages, Christianity is not a religion of the law (I know that some times people out side of it think that it is, but that is manly the fault of the baptists) but it is a religion that says, no mater how hard we try we fail miserably at obeying the law, and for that we far short of God, but God in his mercy came down from heaven took on the form of man (he was fully God and fully man, that is why we use both the terms “Son of God” and “Son of Man” for Christ) to obey the law in our place because we can not, and then to take onto himself the punishment we deserver. Aka, it is not Christ that should have been on that cross but me, but Christ went there for me, maybe my debt I could not pay. There are teachings that Christ gave about love thy neighbor but, the fact is also, I as a sinner can not love my neighbor — it is Christ that loves my neighbor for me, it is not I how live but Christ who lives though me, left to my own devices I would be evil, selfish, and should be put to death, but since I am not left to my own devices I am then free to obey the law, but I don’t obey the law because I want to be saved, I obey the law because I am saved. And it is not I who obeys the law it is Christ that is obeying the law.

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