Rush now has the Video Podcast going

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Published on: December 14, 2005

Well today, Rush has started the first installment of the Video Podcast that he is doing. Basicly what it is, is he is doing a video recording of himself recording the Morning Update. It is basicly a very short monologue, about one topic. Not half bad, I first signed up for Rushes 24/7 site, when I was in an office where I could not get KDKA (this was back when Rush was still on KDKA) But over time I started to listen to more and more Podcast, and having to listen to Rush at a appointed time was not going to work for me, but I love listening to him, and about that time he came out with his Podcast, it is not as great as listening to him live on his web site, but it fits my life better. Now he adds more value to the $7 I pay a month for access to his site. It will be a nice minute and a half to watch before I head out for work.

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