My iPod’s battery

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Published on: December 29, 2005

After 2 years of faithful service, my iPods battery finally is at the end of it’s life. It lasts only about an hour now. So I have bought a new iPod battery, it should be here on the 5th. I also got a belkin backup battery pack. The battery pack uses 4 AA batteries for the backup power.
It does not seem to be able to charge the internal battery, when I turn it on, but turn off the iPod the iPod does not give an indication that it is being charged, but when I turn it on with the iPod on, the battery indicator seems to show the power level of the backup battery. When I first connected it today, the iPod was down to almost no power, but when I connected it and turn on the power, the power indicator on the iPod jump back up to being full. I will have to test it to see what happens when the iPod has full power, but the battery pack has 1/2 power to be sure what it does.
This should last me till the new internal battery gets here, then this might end up in storage until I find myself going on a long trip where I might not have access to power for the iPod. Here I am thinking field day this comming year. The nice thing is that it does not need to be charged up like the iPod. I might look into getting rechargeable batteries for it, but in a pinch I could always pick up a pack of AA’s and be good to go.

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