I got my Christmas Tree up

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Published on: December 14, 2005

I just put up my Christmas Tree.
I have posted some pictures here

This is the tree from the front

This is the tree from the side

This Ordainment is from 1976 the year I was born, this ordainment is only about a month younger then I am

This is another Ordainment from the year I was born, the last one and this one were given to my by my mother in 2002, I was able to pick a few Ordainment out from the collection that she had, it took some convincing for her to let me have this one, but the thing that worked the most was my mom had 2 of this one.

This is the back of the Tree, as you probably should have guessed by now the tree is in the middle of my APT. Yes there are a bunch of Star Trek Ordainment on it, yes I am a Geek.

This is the star on the top of my tree. Yes those are Icons on the back wall that you can see, the one at the top that is easy to see, is “Christ the Merciful”

This is a picture of the tree with all the lights on the tree on, and all the lights in the room off (I used a 2 second exposer on the camera)

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