I call for a boycott of products from TX, TX law permits “doctors” to murder people

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Published on: December 22, 2005

A law in TX has allowed “doctors” to murder another person. (thanks rob at unspace for bring this up) This is just pure murder pure and simple. From what Rob posted (and I don’t have reason to not belive what he wrote) the woman did not want to die, she was pleading not to be murdered!!!! the “doctors” that murdered her belong in jail for LIFE. What ever happend to the oath they take about “do no harm” and to murder someone is harm. The poor woman gave up and asked for just one more day, and the heartless “doctors” could not even give her that. I hope that “hospital” and those “doctors” get sued in to oblivian!!!!!!!
Bush I will admit I blame you for this murder too, it is a law you signed into law there that alowed the “doctors” to murder that poor woman. Also I should note this is not the first time i have heard of “doctors” in texas murding some one under this law. There was a case of a woman that had a child that the “doctors” did not deam was worthing of saving and they murdered that child, against the mothers wishes.
I will make sure I do not buy things that are from TX to the best of my ability, right now I am not buynig things made by Kraft, and i try to avoid Kraft’s parent company and other compainies own by Phillip Moris. And I try to avoid products from China. So I will just at TX to my list.

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