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Published on: October 22, 2005

Todays WPLUG was a good one, Bill gave his talk on SOAP. I will have to say it was a good talk, and I think I will want to look into SOAP a bit more. Also I gave my talk on Linux in the non-profit organization, I think it was well received, I had a few questions after I gave my presentation, I will admit I was nervous as all get out while giving the talk.
Also Mark Rauterkus was there. Very nice guy. A few of the people at WPLUG ended up talking a bit about politics in the city of Pittsburgh, pretty good talk I would have to say.

Other subjects that were discussed was future meetings, he have a few talks lined up for the next couple of months, but WPLUG does always welcome more speakers, if you have an open source presentation you should contact WPLUG about giving it.

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