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Published on: October 26, 2005

UPN has started to show South Park on it channel. And here in Pittsburgh I was watching one, it is the one where they people become atheists and start to shove food up their buts and crap out of their mouth. I will admit not the greatest stuff, but a bit funny. But I had a friend over today and we were watching it, and when the parts come out that have a person crapping out of their mouth they have been blacking it out with the following statement: “The scene of crapping out of his mouth has been removed for your protection” me and my friend both said what the fsck. Why would they edit it out? I don’t see how this could 1) be a violation of any of the FCC laws 2) how is it for our protection, just stupid. Yet they used other words I would find more offensive then showing people crapping out of their mouth, I am not going to complain about the language, I am just saying.

  1. Lou Pickney says:

    Cable shows often have to be watered down/censored in syndicated form due to government regulations. Some of the things that are censored, such as you cited with the South Park episode, are ridiculous. You can thank the FCC, and its unconstitutional tactics, for creating the era of paranoia that exists now with terrestrial broadcasters, both in TV and in radio.

  2. a few things, I don’t think it was the FCC that force that to be blacked out. Also in defence of the FCC, the public airwaves do have to be controled, I don’t think the FCC is doing anything “unconstitutional” as you put it. Lets take radio, any kid can get a AM/FM radio cheap (you can get them for as little as $5 now) so do you want a 5 year old child to be exposed to filth on the public air waves? That is one of the jobs of the FCC to keep the air waves clean, I remember when I was reading stuff so I could get my Amature radio ticket, the basic rule was if you question if something could be obsean don’t say it.

    The FCC is there for a reason.

    Also I don’t think what was blacked out was something that the FCC would have ruled that needed to be blacked out, if UPN thought that was the case then they are idiots.

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