Email is nearly dead

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Published on: October 30, 2005

Thanks to sites like sorbs and things like spam, email will soon be dead. When you need email, but you don’t get it because it comes though a sever that sorbs lists (rightly or wrongly) email can no longer be trusted as a communication source. I had to move all my yahoo groups subscriptions to my ISP’s email account, instead of using my email on my web hosting company. If comcast blocks based on sorbs I will have to find some email provider (and I would be willing to pay) that does not block based on the inaccurate information (listing mailing lists that people willing subscribed to as spam, case in point yahoo groups) in sorbs. But it is now only a matter of time before email dies, thanks to both spam, and sorbs (and sorbs like scams)

  1. vikash says: is going to do whatever it takes to keep your email free of spam. We hate spam and we are going to win the fight to tackle spam.

  2. I agree spam is evil, I spend about an hour a day total dealing with it, but with sorbs, and my hosting company using it, I am not getting email I need.

  3. WA3FKG says:

    You may want to consider Nidhog.
    They use Spam Assasin and allow you to configure what gets through and what doesn’t.

  4. I should also note, I am not upset at my hosting company (ehostpros) they are doing a great job (in fact I still will recomand them to my friends, I have gotten 2 others to get hosting with them, I hope my friends are as happy with them as I am), it just snorbs I am angry at, when I wrote them about the listing of a comman listsrv IP address listed in their databases they basicly told me to f* off

  5. nathan says:

    Gmail is the only way to go. It’s built by Google, so it’s all free, and I have my email address all over the internet (like it’s being displayed here…) and I barely get any SPAM. What SPAM I do get is filtered into a special folder and I don’t even have to bother with it if I don’t want to.

    Email me and I’ll send you an invite (you can only get Gmail by being “invited”).

  6. Thanks for the offer Nathan, I already have 4 gmail accounts, I don’t really use them, I am not a fan of the interface. I like haveing my INBOX clean, gmail leaves all your mail in the inbox, sure you can do a folder like think with the tags, but I did not really like it. But all in all it is just personal prefernce, I got my gmail account back Jun of last year (2004) and I have not been impressed with it, I still get more spam in my inbox then I get real messages.

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