DVR and older Hockey games

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Published on: October 23, 2005

Back on the 16th of this month I had my DVR record the Vancouver Canucks vs the Dallas Stars. And I just watched it today. It was a good game, during the second period of the game the two teams go into some really good hockey. There was a good amount of time where there was just a pitched battle over the puck, no stop in play, just back and forth a few shots on goal, I was out of my seat during that time period. I will have to say that the Canucks and the Stars will be two teams to watch this year.
So far I am looking to watch the games of following teams

  • Penguins (mainly because they are my home team and I still remember fondly them from back in the early 90’s when they were a great team, but so far this year they have not won at all, and I don’t foresee the losing streak ending soon. Please Penguins prove me wrong here)
  • Coyotes (I really want to see where Gretzky will take the team)
  • Canucks
  • Stars (after seeing that game from the 16th I wonder what they are going to do this year)

Also I was right in this post that I put up between 2nd and 3rd period that the pens would lose the game, but it does not take a genus to know that, with they way they are playing and how far they were down, it was a given.

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