Coyotes vs Canucks Game

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Published on: October 6, 2005

I just finished watching the Coyotes vs Canucks Game. A very good game the final score was Coyotes 2 and Canucks 3. The Coyotes were down by 2 at the end, when they pulled their goalie out. I never thought that it would work, but they were on a power play so they had 6 attacking to 4 defending, and they pulled a goal off, I have to say well done well done. But they just could not pull that miracle out of the hat. Gretzky did talk the ref into adding .7 of a second to the clock, I did not know what he hoped for with that, but you can not blame him, but he played the team well, the Canucks were just better tonight, but I will say it was a exciting game, more so then the Penguins game. I will have to keep an eye on both the Coyotes and Canucks.

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