What do Hurricane victumes need most?

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Published on: September 7, 2005

Is it food? Water? Shelter? Well according to Plan “Parenthood” no they don’t need those 3 things most. Plan “Parenthood” thinks they need abortions most. This looks to me that Plan “Parenthood” is just pushing their addenda, yes I admit I am pushing my addendahere, but the difference is I am not asking people for money to “help” people just to push my addenda. I still say if you want to donate to the people that need help donate to a group that will give out food, water, and shelter.
LCMS World Relief
The Salvation Army
Catholic Charities
And others.

  1. Rob says:


    Actually, Planned Parenthood points out that others are providing the water, food, and shelter, and they’re helping in their own way. I, too, would disagree with the abortions (in most, not all circumstances), but providing contraception like condoms strikes me as useful. A lot of married people use condoms, and sex is a legitimate way for married folks to deal with the emotional impact of crises like this. It’s one of the reasons God gave us sex in the first place.

    Criticizing Planned Parenthood for not working on the primary issues would be like criticizing the Humane Society for taking care of animals before people.

    You are right, they are pushing their agenda, as do we.

  2. Max Rossin says:

    yes, but they could have shut up and really helped out, but they don’t have the resources and that is not their specialty (unlike the salvation army). While there have been rampant rapes that would create a larger market for Plan B and other related medicines, for the most part, people are not having sex over there. They are pushing it a bit too much and should have focused on that – the multitude of rapes. It would put them in a positive light from that tragedy. I doubt many (other than religious zealots) would be shocked in horror that a pro-abortion group is providing anti-pregnancy medicine to those at risk (or worse) of being pregnant from being raped.

  3. Trish says:


    It is victims, not the way you spelled it, LOL. Had to tease you.

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